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Batteries - Multi-Package Silver Oxide for Laser Systems

$17.95 USD

Manufacture ID: LMS-10x357

Lasermax Batteries multi package Silver Oxide for rail & side-mount laser systems are made of high quality silver oxide and contain 10 batteries. LMS 10x357 work with Lasermax Unimax Rail Mount Laser LMS UNI and Lasermax Laser Sights Model JMX-N or JMX-NH for J-Frame Revolvers.


- For: LMS-UNI (Uni-Max RED), LMS-JMX-H (J-Max Hammered), LMS-JMX-NH (J-Max Non-Hammered)
- Battery Type: Silver Oxide
- Power Output: 1.55 Volts
- Shelf Life: Approximated at 3 years
- Package Contains: 10 Batteries